Новото в Primacy

3 new features available now on Primacy

Evolis is pleased to announce the availability of three new features which will further enhance its flagship printer to keep momentum in the card printer market.

1. Electro-mechanical locking system to secure the card issuance process

Primacy features an electro-mechanical locking system which prevents the printer from being opened by unauthorized personnel in localized issuance of secure cards. This system secures the access points of the printer:

  • Blank card stock
  • Rejected cards
  • Ribbon
  • Maintenance door

It is also fitted with opaque hoppers which guarantee that the cards are not visible from the outside.

While locking is done using the physical key, unlocking can also be done performed through a 3rd-Party application (thanks to the Evolis Premium SDK) or through the color touch screen display (by activating a PIN-code).

This new feature meets the market requirements for instant issuance of financial cards as well as any application requiring a secured issuance process.

This option is available upon request and validation of the Evolis project team.

2. Increased Monochrome Speed : up to 1,000 cards per hour

For users with high monochrome throughput requirements, Primacy printers are now fitted with a new rear-ejection mode (and a specific detachable-rear-output hopper) increasing the monochrome speed to up to 1,000 cards per hour.

This standard feature is available on every Primacy entering in production from end of May 2016.
To allow backward compatibility, the detachable output hopper can be purchased separately to be installed on any existing Primacy and upgraded to Evolis Premium Suite version and Firmware version 1614 available from www.evolis.com beginnign of June.

3. Color Touch Screen Display

This new graphical interface is ideal for counter applications (transit, banking, loyalty, casinos). This unique feature allows instant notification and interaction with the printer for a best-in-class user experience.

Already available as a factory-mounted option or on-site upgrade, it can be combined with the electro-mechanical locking system from July 2016 upon request and validation by the Evolis project team.


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